Jackson Renaissance in Davenport


Landon Cassman

August  22, 2013

A 120-year-old Davenport school now has a new look, a new purpose, and new tenants. The former Jackson School on West 16th Street is now The Jackson Renaissance, an affordable senior living apartment complex. The Chicago-based Renaissance Realty Group held an opening ceremony today (Thurs) for the nearly 12 million dollar restoration project.

Mayor Bill Gluba recalled playing basketball as a child at the building when it was Holy Family School more than fifty years ago. He says the rebirth of this building and others like it will help spur development in west Davenport.

“The residents, some 48 eventually will be living here in 48 units,” said Gluba, “They’re going to all be contributing to revitalizing this neighborhood. You get that certain mass coming in, and new people coming in, and they’re going to be buying things, and shopping in the stores, eating in the restaurants. And that all helps revitalize neighborhoods.”

Bernice Jones is one of four residents who has already moved into the Jackson Renaissance, and says she is no stranger to helping the community.

“I have been a model that service to others is the rent that I pay for the space I inhabit on this Earth,” said Jones. “And if I don’t serve then I will be subject to eviction, and I’m not ready to go. And I thank God for blessing me with this renaissance, Jackson Renaissance.”

The Jackson Renaissance is the second building renovated by the Renaissance Realty Group in the Quad Cities, along with Taylor Renaissance in the same neighborhood.

The Jackson Renaissance was funded in part by nearly three million dollars in city, county, state, and federal grants.


Photos by Landon: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151540285790974.1073741951.91071765973&type=3


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